The Austrian Association for Internet Users (VIBE!AT - Verein für Internet-Benutzer Österreichs) represents the political interests of netizens. VIBE!AT is member of the worldwide umbrella organization Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC), founding member of European Digital Rights (EDRi) and participant of the Austrian Internet Advisory Council. A founding member has a seat in the Austrian Domain Advisory Council to represent the position of users. VIBE!AT is co-organizer of the annual Big Brother Awards Austria.

Mission statement: Freedom without harassments

It is the objective of VIBE!AT to encourage a mature, responsible and self-determined use of the Internet. We also want to create public awareness for attempts made by state to limit these freedoms excessively (cryptography debate; censorship and eavesdropping, respectively, without court order). We do not see the Internet as a world without law: notwithstanding practical difficulties legal determinations are fully applicable. This is true for fundamental rights and freedoms (privacy of letters, freedom of speech, freedom of the press etc.) as well as for penal provisions.

Some of our activities

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